A promotional video produced some years back featuring the work of, what was then, the previous ten years. By this time my first solo performance TIMEPIECE had toured in 25 countries. Along with Scenes Apparent and Inclined to Agree I had created enough of a track record to garner 3 of what would become 11 National Endowment for the Arts Grants, a grant from the Japan Foundation to spend six months studying in Japan and a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship for Theatre Artistry among other honors. I'm including this as it shows the beginning of an arc from a certain physical strength and virtuosity, moving towards the changes that time and experience have hopefully now fashioned into different strengths and virtuosities. The video starts with a few newspaper quotes of the time.

TIMEPIECE is about Time, which is a multifaceted and fascinating concept. You can't stop it, yet you 'keep' time. You can't see it yet time 'flies', and you can't touch time yet it makes itself so 'felt'. Are these simply plays on words or is it our attempt, through language, to control that which we cannot? TIMEPIECE deals with the passage of time in the life of an individual, the conflict and power that emerge from time's infinite and ceaseless march towards tomorrows, and the joy and love that swell from time's constant caress and care. Filmed Off Broadway - Dance Theatre Workshop N.Y

Scenes Apparent was in part based on Kenneth Clark's "The Nude: A Study in Ideal Form" and the game Tangram. The first being the exaltation of the human form in art over the centuries and the second an exaltation of the limitlessness of simple form - 2 large triangles 1 medium triangle, 2 small triangles, 1 square, 1 parallelogram and the human imagination. Both looking at proportion from the perspective of math and beauty of the physical and the metaphysical of what we see and what we feel. Filmed Off Broadway - Bessie Schoenberg Theatre N.Y

Inclined to Agree begins with a long line of oversized dominoes that stretch across and around the stage. As soon as the first falls we know the last is just a question of time. That inevitability is what I was taught makes for tragedy. A man who has built his whole world on the inclined plane (it's what he likes or what he's used to or what he believes or what he thinks is 'right' or …) and one day a plumb line falls into his world. It's different, it's "the other". First he ignores it, but it stays, then tries to change it, but it won't, then tries to destroy it and we have a tragedy. Filmed Off Broadway - Dance Theatre Workshop N.Y


Filmed, Carlo Theatre, Blue Lake, CA. This Jump Rope sequence is from a six hour, three DVD Lecture series titled POETIC DYNAMICS, which I continue to perform. Learning principals vs learning specific exercises is a classic example of 'learning how to fish vs being given a fish'. Poetic Dynamics is a beginning into codifying in one place the principals I use and teach others to use for their work both as interprtive artists and in devising new work.

The creative act is not magic, it is craft at the service of vision (Not 'a' vision but 'good' vision). Craft is the articulate manifestation of various principals. Good vision is an ability to recognize the remarkable in the mundane of the 'day to day'. Art often combines the two by making patterns that move us. (in Music that pattern can be sound and tone juxtaposed to silence, in Architecture occupied space juxtaposed to empty space in theatre perhaps emotion and idea juxtaposed to word and shape.